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CFV Intramural Open

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It’s that time of the year again CFV Athletes where we put our fitness to the test with the CrossFit Open. However this year we are doing things a little differently. We are going to have an internal competition, an Intramural Open! I am sure you are wondering what does an Intramural Open mean? Internally we are going to be doing the Open workouts (similar to years past) however this year the twist is each person who is committed to the Intramural Open will be on a team. Each team will have a captain and there will be points awarded each week.

Note* For this in-house competition, the main emphasis of points will be on participation- not performance! So if you’re worried about “not being ready” – don’t be! All that’s required is that you show up, do work, and cheer on your teammates! As you’ll see in the rules below, there are various ways to earn points for your team!

Our goal is to make this a fun experience for everyone, bring our community together while testing our hard work that we put in each week!

The Breakdown

Sign Up

Sign up for the CrossFit Viera Intramural Open is FREE, and a sheet is at the front desk. Officially regerstering for the CrossFit Open is recommended and encouraged because your score will always be available to look back on plus will earn points for your team. The cost for the CrossFit Open is $20 and can be done at

Draft Day

Sign-ups for Draft Day will close on Sunday February 18th by 3pm. Please sign-up as early as possible.

The week before the Open begins (First workout announced Feb 22nd) our 4 amazing captains will take turns selecting team members committed to the Intramural Open!

Teams will be announced after draft day is finalized.

Workout Days

Friday Night Lights 6:00-8:30pm and Sundays 11am- 1pm

Complete the workout to the standards set at the beginning of the night

Sign your score card if you’re signed up for the CrossFit Open.

Can’t attend the testing day?

Sundays are make-ups

Scoring for CFV Intramural Open

1) Attendance– Points are awarded for each team player who completes the workout each week.

2 points for completing the workout on Friday night.

1 point for completing any other time before Sunday by 1pm.

If workout is done twice, you will only receive credit for first attempt.

2) Performance – All CrossFit Open registrants (signed up through will be judged and your score will contribute to a team average. Team with best average will recieve top score of 4 points, going down to the lowest average with a score of 1 point.

3)  Theme– Points will be awarded to each individual who particpates in the specific weekly theme during the workout.

4) Challenge –Points will be awarded to each individual who participates in the specific weekly challenge via social media posts.

Themes and Challenges will be announced the Monday before the next WOD reveal. Athletes have until Sunday 1pm to submit challenge video, picture/post.