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Monday 22.10.18

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Penalty Box”

Every 5:00 for 20:00 (4 sets):
10 Chest to bar pull-ups, Supine ring rows or supine barbell row
20/15cal Row
30 Unbroken wall ball shots

Penalty: If you rest during the set of wall ball shots, you must perform 20 double unders before resuming your count.


5 Rounds NOT for time:
0:10 Chin over the bar hold
20 Pendlay rows (medium)
15 Banded compressions

CFV Announcements

This comng Saturday evening is the halloween WOD! Brief starts at 6:45pm. There will not be class a 7pm class this Friday or a Saturday morning class.

Don’t forget athletes, buy your Christmas party tickets!

Monday 15.10.18

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Coach Matt

E2MOM for 5 Sets
1 Hang squat clean + 1 squat clean

*The first set should be challenging but allow for a build up for at least the first 3 sets. All sets should be at roughly 80%.

*Perform a set every 2:00. You may drop the bar after the hang squat clean, before performing the full squat clean. The bar should not be on the ground for more than 0:05-0:10.


AMRAP 7:00
10 Burpees lateral over bar
10 Squat cleans


1:00/1:00 Heel toe hamstring stretch