WOD 010814


Upper body prep- DEMO
Lower body Prep- DEMO

Warm Up:

Run 800/Row 500
Clean and Jerk Bar Warm-up

Strength: 20 Minutes

Level 1- Clean and Jerk Technique
Level 2/3 -Clean and Jerk-
5 x (1.1.1) @74%


Level 1:
Burpee Pull-up (5 reps)

Level 2-
400M Run
Burpee Chest To bar (5 Reps)

Level 3-
400 meter run
Burpee Bar Muscle Ups (5 reps)

Extra Credit:
10 Min
Hand Stand Walk Practice

3 [...]

rich and cam

WOD 310714

Active Recovery

Warm Up:

Every minute for 5 minutes,
perform 20 double unders or 30 seconds practice

Then three rounds Not for Time of:
3-5 muscle-ups or 5 Beat swing +Dip
3-5 handstand pushups or pikes
10 overhead squats,
30 Second Hollow Hold
30 Second Arch Hold


Remember Thursday is a recommended active recovery day, for competitors and all members that have attended Monday, Tuesday [...]


WOD 300714

Pre Game:

Snatch Prep-DEMO

Warm Up:

Run 800/Row 500
Snatch Bar Warm-up

Strength: 25 Minutes

Level 1- Technique Practice
Level 2/3- Work up to Heavy for day(This is a maximum for DAY,
not necessarily a PR attempt, though if you are feeling good GO for it).

No more than 2 misses!
Then drop and 5reps×93%@

WOD: 15 Min Amrap

8 Pullups (Oly Bar, pullup(B.A.N), Chest to Bar
4 [...]


WOD 290714

Pre-Game: (before class)

Banded Pull Apart- Super series

Warm Up:

Run 200m,
3-6 Strict chest-to-bar pullups,
3-6 Strict ring dips or sub,
6-12 wall ball shots,
5-10 Toes-to-bar

Practice not fatigue


22 Minutes
Strict Press 3@9 (Load Drop) 5%


10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Deadlifts
Novice -115/75#

Run 200M Between each Round

Extra Credit:
A.3xME Rest 60sec- Strict HSPU + Kipping Hspu+ Max handstand hold
B.3x ME L-sit tuck or L-Sit rest 60 sec
C. 3 [...]


WOD 270714

PreGame: (Before Class)

Squat Prep- Demo

Warm Up:

Three rounds of:
50 double unders or 30 Seconds practice,
10 ring rows,
15 pushups,
20 walking lunges,
25 situps


22 Minutes-
2 Count Pause Back Squat 6@9 (Load Drop) 7% Fatigue


Novice – For Quality-Not Time
30 Pull-ups or sub
30 Dips Or sub

Fit- For Quality-Not time
30 Ring Pullups
30 Ring Dips

Comp- For time
30 Muscle Ups

Extra Credit:

A. 3 x [...]

WOD 250714

Warm Up:

DROM + Row 500/Run 400M
Snatch Warm-up


Level 1- Snatch Practice
Level 2/3Snatch 7x(1.1.1) @74%


Level 1-
5 Beat Swings + 10 Box Dips
10 Double KB Cleans- 35/20#

Level 2-
5 Strict Ring Pullups + 5 Ring Dips
10 Double KB Cleans 55/35#

Level 3-
5/3 Muscle ups
10 Double KB Cleans 70/55#

Double KB Clean- DEMO

Ring Pull Ups it is necessary to maintain [...]

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